Supported Missionaries 

The Autrey Family
Jonathan & Jeanine
Mya, Addy and JJ
Missionaries to The Dominican Republic
The Hales
Joe & Ann Hale
Network of International Christian Schools (NICS)
The Philips
Roy & Elizabeth Philip Missionaries to India
The Brown Family
Dan & Racheal
Moriah, Hannah, Chloe
Missionaries to Madagascar
The Hamiltons
Al & Elizabeth
Missionaries to the U.S. Military in Sicily
The Poremba Family
Joe & Connie
Josiah, Naomi
Pastor of Grace Independent Baptist Church, Upper Darby PA
The Enterlines
Rick & Becky
Medical Missions
The James Family
Steve & Pam
Missionaries to Cuba
The Schrock Family
Eli & Mari-lyn
Christopher, Nicole, Angela
Missionaries to Cambodia
The Forbes
Graham & Melinda
Missionaries to Scotland
Rebekah Kuehlman
Rebekah Kuehlman
Missionary to Japan
The Mislan Family
Jonathan & Anica
Missionary to Metro Manilla Philippines
The Smith Family
Bill & Lori
Amo & Aaron
Missionary to Papua New Guinea
The Delp Family
Joe & Katie
Kristie Jo, Conor
Pastor of Open Door Baptist Church Philadelphia, PA
The Fullers
Robert & Mary
Harvest Deaf Ministries
The Mann Family
Jason & Senja
Micah, Laura, Heidi
Missionaries to Hungary
The Stevenson Family
Jared & Rebekah
Bryce, Rosalyn, Cadyn, Lydia
Missionaries to France
The Gonderman Family
Tom & Heidi
Levi, Madison, Luke, Isaac, Nathan
Missionaries to Australia
The Ramirez Family
Pablo & Izumi
Missionaries to Japan
Emma Napier
Emma Napier
Missionary to Australia
Joseph Moore
Joseph & Louise
Global Commission Ministries (GCM) Liberia, Africa
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Baptist International Missions Inc. 

Director - Dr. David Snyder 

Christian Law Association 

Attorney David Gibbs 

Delaware County Pregnancy Center

Director - Krystal Johnson

US Church Planting Ministry

Director - Pastor John Hamilton  

Roloff Ministries

Director - Pastor E.S. Mitchell  

Priority One India USA

Director - Roy Phillip 

USA Director - Todd Luce  

Inter-Australian Baptist Mission

Director - Emma Napier

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